11 Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

The NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) reported 98 million emergency room visits by patients with unintentional injuries and 24.8 million doctor office visits in one year. The injured person could file an accidental bodily injury claim seeking compensation from the insurance company of the liable person if the accident was due to carelessness or negligence on their part.

Road traffic collisions cause more than half of the injury cases, but one may also be injured at work. Since it is challenging to recover from an accident while managing all the paperwork, gathering evidence, and advocating for yourself in court, it would be best to seek the services of a workers comp attorney or a personal injury lawyer with expertise in your particular condition.

Working with a skilled legal team well versed in personal injury case law will make the litigation process bearable and increase your chances of obtaining your deserved compensation. Fortunately, there is a variety of information on the internet to help you find a personal injury attorney. Most lawyers have websites where they advertise their services, and you can even read reviews left by previous clients to enable you to evaluate the quality of their services and the success rate in winning cases.

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Have you been hurt because of someone else’s mistake? Were you hurt purposefully by of someone else? There are many different kinds of personal injury claims out there and one or more of these cases can match your specific circumstance. Look through this list of 11 different types of personal injury claims and see which one applies to you. Then, look for a personal injury law firm or a personal injury lawyer who can find to make sure you get the reward appropriate for the harm that’s been inflicted upon you.

    1. Car/Truck Accident
      The first case is if you have gotten into a mobile vehicle accident. Say for instance you were driving along and a truck on the road slipped and tumbled over. If you were injured in this incident, you may have a case for an personal injury claim.
    2. Airplane Accident
      The same could be said for an airplane accident. If you bought a ticket, sat in your seat, and the plane ride went south, you can possible sue for the pain that you felt. Your grief deserves any kind of reimbursement it can get.
    3. Boating Accidents
      Then to round out the vehicle accident corner we have boating accidents. This one can be tricky because if you are on a private boat your claim may not work out the way you want. That said, if you’re on a cruise ship or if another boat is the cause of the crime, you may have the right to get yourself an attorney.
    4. Medical Malpractice
      Then, what if you see a doctor and the surgery goes wrong. Even worse, what if the problem was caused by a deliberate mistake of the medical staff? Then, you should call a law firm because this would be a perfect example of when to file a claim.
    5. Slip and Fall Cases
      What if you happened to slip and fall while going up the icy stair of a public transport station? What if you slip on a messy grocery store floor? Then, you have the ability to file a claim. These slip and fall cases are very common when it comes to personal injury claims and as such if you are in a common situation you should file.
    6. Libel and Slander
      Libel and slander are when someone spreads lies or rumors about you and these ruin your reputation. Another name for this would be defamation. When defamation situation comes to your door, you can file for personal injury. Make the liars pay.
    7. Dog Bites
      The same can be said for neglectful pet owners. Say that you were to walk buy a house and suddenly out comes a violent dog that attacks you. Your personal injury is the fault of the owner and as such they should pay for the grief and pain you went through.
    8. Assault and Battery
    9. School Injury
      But what if your children get hurt? What if you child is harmed at school through no fault of his or her own? Then as the child’s parent you have a right to sue the school of the neglect of your child and the pain that he or she went through.
  • Work Related Injuries
    The same goes for you if you’re at work. What if a fault ladder breaks while you’re on it? What if books on shelf fall and hit you? These are just some of the cases that can fall under a personal injury claim caused by an accident at the workplace.
  • Product liability
    Lastly, if you use a faulty product that causes harm to use like cause burns, cuts, and other accidents, than you can file for a claim. The company that made the product is liable for any harm that came upon you because they didn’t make sure their product was safe for use.

As you can see, there are many cases in which a personal injury claim can be filed. If you are in a situation that matches any of these, call a lawyer today and see what can be done to reimbursed you for any grief you felt. Find more on this topic here.

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