4 Common Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

It’s important that senior citizens receive the care they need. One study found that one out of every three people over the age of 65 experience a fall each year throughout the United States. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to adequately care for a senior citizen while living your busy life. Therefore, many people place senior citizens in nursing homes. That being said, it’s important to choose a nursing home you can trust. If not, you could be dealing with an instance of nursing home neglect. In this post, you’ll learn what constitutes neglect and what you can do about it.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Unfortunately, senior citizens might not be likely to report any signs of neglect. Statistics show that only about 7% of cases of elder abuse are ever reported to the authorities. Therefore, it’s important to monitor for any signs of neglect that are taking place. Considering that, here are four common signs of nursing home neglect.

  1. Unclean Rooms

    It’s imperative that nursing home rooms are kept safe and sanitary. Therefore, each room should be clean and free of trash. In addition, it’s important to check the bedding. You’ll want to ensure that the sheets are cleaned. It’s also important to ensure that the bathroom is in proper sanitary condition.
  2. Mysterious Bruises or Marks

    Another critical sign to check for are any random marks, bruises, cuts, or other injuries. This isn’t always a sign of direct abuse. However, these injuries might occur because seniors were forced to do something by themselves. Therefore, it is a form of neglect. That being said, you shouldn’t shrug off seeing random marks or cuts on a senior.
  3. Sudden Behavioral Changes

    Unfortunately, abuse or neglect doesn’t only have physical impacts. Victims of abuse often experience mental trauma. In turn, this can change the way they might normally act. Seniors receiving adequate care in nursing homes shouldn’t have a reason to feel angry. Therefore, seniors acting out of the ordinary might be dealing with nursing home neglect.
  4. Lack of Hygiene

    The main signs of nursing home neglect occur directly to a patient. Nursing home staff are responsible for ensuring seniors receive adequate personal care. This includes bathing, grooming, and other tasks. Unfortunately, seniors not receiving this care will show distinct signs. If the senior you’ve placed in a nursing home is exhibiting a lack of personal hygiene, neglect is likely taking place.

Contacting a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

If you’ve noticed signs of elder abuse, it’s important to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer. Unfortunately, statistics show that over 40% of nursing home residents have had to deal with some type of neglect or abuse. A personal injury law firm will evaluate the details of your case. It’s common for personal injury law firms to deal with nursing home neglect. Therefore, hiring a lawyer means having someone on your side in your fight against poor nursing home care.

In conclusion, it’s important to spot signs of nursing home abuse. Learning that someone you love isn’t being cared for is understandably frustrating. Unfortunately, the nursing home in question will likely have a legal team of their own. Considering that, it’s important to contact a personal injury law firm.

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