Bad Boys, Bad Boys Why You Should Contact Criminal Defense Firms to Find a Lawyer When They Come For You

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Everyone — literally just about everyone — knows the lyrics to theme song of the American hit television series Cops. The song, “Bad Boys”, not only has a catchy melody that makes it easy to get stuck in your head, but the lyrics seem quite appropriate too. First released way back in 1987 by the Jamaican reggae band Inner Circle, “Bad Boys” sky rocketed to number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 after its re-release in the United States in 1993, when it became the oh-so popular theme song for America’s favorite crime show.

But for as catchy, funny, and popular as this song as, its lyrics are actually quite serious and hold many kernels of legal wisdom, whether you’re a real “bad boy” — or gal — or not. So whatcha gonna do when they — the law — come for you? Why, lawyer up of course with a top criminal defense attorney!

Believe it or not, you still have rights even if you are suspected of committing a crime or are in the wrong. It may not feel like it, especially when those flashing blue and red lights are shining behind you or you’re in a holding cell at the county jail, but you do have rights. Law enforcement officers are there to do just that — enforce the law. On the other hand, attorneys and other legal professionals that work at prestigious and reputable criminal defense firms are dedicated to upholding the law and keeping you out of trouble.

Regardless of what kind of legal issues you may be facing, it’s important to contact well known and respected criminal defense firms right away to begin the critical process of finding the right lawyer. You may think you can hold on it down on your own during court, but you’d be surprised how confusing the legal process can be, especially if this is your very first time dealing with the “system” or if the nature of the crime or offense you allegedly committed has many layers to it.

In addition, it’s a well known fact that law enforcement officers do not always have your best legal interest in mind. They are not your legal advocate — that’s why you need the help of well respected criminal defense firms right away after a run in with the law or after being charged with a crime. It may seem like the police are all mighty and powerful and that you have no rights of your own, but this is far from the truth and criminal defense firms can help you realize that.

Even if you have some past experience in dealing with the law or going through the court system, you’re not a know it all! For example, state DUI laws differ from state to state, so even if you are familiar with one state’s DUI laws, you may not have a clue about another state’s DUI laws. That means if you’re charged with a DUI in a state you don’t live in and are completely unfamiliar with, the legal confidence you once had can and will quickly disappear! Similarly, new DUI laws are being created and passed all the time. This can make it difficult to truly understand them, unless of course you’re an experienced legal professional that has worked for many different criminal defense firms!

On the other hand, many people feel that they simply cannot afford to hire an attorney. This sentiment is understandable, especially if you’re already facing some hefty legal fines. But the truth is, you actually can’t afford to not have an attorney on your side! Remember, the attorneys, lawyers, and legal professionals that work for criminal defense firms are paid to be your legal advocate and will defend you at all costs. There are many subtle nuances in the legal system that could end up costing you — both financially and in many other ways — if you don’t know how to take advantage of them.

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