Criminal Attorneys in Houston

Defense attorney houston texas

Criminal attorneys in Houston Texas are numerous because of the high incidence of violent crimes and the severe punishments that Texas bestows on its criminals. Texas ranks second in the nation for violent crimes; felonies are punishable by more than five years of incarceration in Texas, while federal law implements a punishment of the death penalty or only one year of incarceration for similar infractions. Even a simple conviction of illegally carrying a firearm in the state will get you more than a year of jail time, and your refusal to take a breathalyzer or blood test when under suspicion of DUI or DWI can translate into six months of license suspension.

Because of the stringency of Texas laws, criminal attorneys in Houston are your best ally in the event that you are convicted or indicted for a crime. Houston criminal defense attorneys will work tirelessly to find an agreeable resolution to your case. In many criminal cases, the defendant may be allowed to represent themselves, but a defense attorney houston texas provides will be someone well versed in court procedure, the legality of certain punishments, and other methods of resolution that can help to reduce your sentence or acquit you, depending on the case itself. Most criminal attorneys in Houston have practiced for years in the state, making them experts in the legislation and processes that most judicial and legal entities follow. For more information see this.

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