Criminal Defense Attorneys and the Types of Cases They Handle

You need the services of an experienced legal professional to handle your case when you have criminal charges filed against you. You should, however, understand that various situations might compel you to look for a defense lawyer. Before looking for a lawyer, ensure you understand the nature of the case, as this determines the services you get.

If you are handling a federal defense case, you might need a legal professional with the expertise and experience needed to handle it. Understand what you need the defense attorney for and find navigating the legal and justice system easier. This also means having the right information on the best law firms and attorneys you can consider for your criminal case.

Concealed carry is among the criminal cases that people struggle to handle in the court of law. Carrying a concealed weapon such as a short gun in public is illegal in many states. In such a scenario, you need a concealed carry legal defense attorney to easily handle the case. You should also note this is a federal offense, and you will need the best legal professional. Understanding the federal defense attorney cost is important as this will influence how you access and utilize the right lawyer for your criminal case.

Lake oswego duii lawyer

When someone is brought up on criminal chargers, it’s important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer. While there are a variety of situations where having a criminal defense attorney is recommended, being arrested for drunk driving or driving while intoxicated are not uncommon. Both distracted and aggressive driving can also lead to situations where having an attorney may be beneficial.

In 2014, for example, roughly 90 people died on a daily basis due to being involved in a motor vehicle crash. Another 6,400 people were injured every day during that year as well. While these accidents may have resulted from one or more causes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes. Distracted driving also leads to accidents because someone is reaching for and/or operating their phone or another type of portable device. When a driver engages in these and other behaviors, such as texting, they face three times the risk of being in or causing a crash.

If you’re not sure what to do when being charged with a crime, contacting an attorney makes sense. When you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, for example, then consulting with a DUI attorney would be a good course of action. In the event that this occurred within the state of Oregon, however, you’ll want to contact a DUII, rather than a DUI, attorney. The difference between these two terms is simple. A DUI is the acronym for “driving under the influence,” while a DUII is the acronym for “driving under the influence of intoxicants.” This also includes legal substances such as a prescription given to you by a physician. Many medications, as you may be aware, have warning labels on them about operating machinery or driving while under their influence.

Given the costly nature of a DUI conviction, which can potentially be $20,000.00 or even more, there may be other options available. When someone believes that they have been falsely accused, a DUII or a DUI attorney can engage in further investigation. Furthermore, if this is a first offense, or there were extenuating circumstances such as a false blood alcohol reading, you may be able to participate in a DUI diversion program. After completing the diversion program, your charges may be dismissed following a judge’s ruling that you have satisfied the program’s requirements.

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