Do You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

Even the most amicable divorces need to go through the legal system. You need to get a petition for divorce in order to make it official. Then you also need to figure out how to divide things like child custody and property. This can be stressful for anybody, so you’ll want to have a lawyer with experience in child custody services to help you make the best decisions for your family. They can move beyond any emotions this process causes, providing an objective opinion during your negotiations.

You also need to know what kind of legal separation you’re required to have before you get divorced. If you don’t follow the rules correctly, a divorce case may go on much longer than it needs to. If both sides work with lawyers and try their best to go through the process as smoothly as possible, it can make everything much easier. You can get a divorce decree and move on with your lives. As soon as you know you’re getting a divorce, hire a divorce lawyer to work with you.

Contested divorce forms

We’re all familiar with the statistics about the number of American marriages that end in divorce. Every two minutes, a divorce decree is being finalized somewhere in the U.S. But the reality doesn’t hit you unless you find yourself in that situation. No matter the reason for the divorce, and which partner was at fault, it is a highly stressful time for all concerned. It always helps to have someone on your side that you can count on. Many people feel that if they are getting an uncontested divorce lawyers are not needed. However having good legal divorce help and advice can make all the difference to the settlement, whether it concerns child custody and visitation rights or the division of property.

What are the commonest causes of divorce?
The commonest reason why people file divorce papers is infidelity. According to the Journal of Family Issues, infidelity ranks as the leading cause of divorce, in 21.6% of all cases. Incompatibility is the second most important cause, leading to 19.2% of all divorce proceedings, and drinking or drug abuse is third, in 10.6% of all cases. In about two thirds of all cases, whether it is an uncontested or contested divorce forms are filed by women.
For the people involved, it is a highly emotional process. That’s why it makes sense to ask the family lawyer for advice and help, and maybe even referrals for uncontested divorce lawyers.

Do you need a divorce lawyer?
Some of the bitterest battles, even in an uncontested divorce, are over child custody and visitation rights. If you have children, it’s best to get legal advice and help. Whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce lawyers have more experience than the persons going through the divorce. They are aware of the legal implications of the choices you make at this time, and can help you make the right decisions in the best interests of the children.
Sometimes the best interests of the children are met by being able to spend time with both parents. In 22% of cases where fathers and children end up living separately, they meet more than once a week. Whatever the disagreements between parents, children need both parents and both partners should make every effort to make sure that kids get to spend time with the other.

How long does it take?
It takes only a few months for your divorce to be finalized. Once the initial petition is filed and served on the other spouse, the waiting period for the final decree is between zero to six months. The emotional scars take a longer time to heal. That is something that you should expect and allow for.

Whether you’re gong through a contested or uncontested divorce lawyers with wide experience can provide the support you need to get through the legalities and paperwork.

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