Does Your Employer Have Inadequate Security? 3 Surprising Burglary Facts


It’s all too easy to believe your business won’t be broken into when it’s located in a safe and secure area. Unfortunately, crime statistics don’t paint a very forgiving picture for business owners who don’t take additional security measures.

What’s more, those who work for employers who don’t take the necessary security measures to keep their employees safe could suffer from dangerous consequences.

3 Surprising Facts About Burglary

Whether you live in an area with a low or high crime-rate, burglary is a crime everyone needs to be aware of so they know how to prevent it from happening. That said, here are three surprising facts and prevention tips concerning burglary and your business.


    1. Many break-ins are committed by people who live nearby. Burglars aren’t always the type to drive around a neighborhood to look for a target. They’re often folks who live nearby who know the schedule of your business and when your company is most vulnerable. It’s for this reason that your business needs a security system, an alarm system, and a business safe.
    2. Criminals can often break in and out of your business in 10 minutes. One of the key reasons why it’s important not to leave valuables lying around is because criminals can break into your company within 10 minutes, grab what they need, and leave. A business safe would take too long to break into and a burglar isn’t willing to risk the time it takes to search for valuables.
    3. The average property loss due to burglary is $2,251. Burglary victims in the U.S. lost up to $3.9 billion in total in 2014, according to FBI reports. A break-in can have a major financial, emotional, and sometimes physical impact. By implementing security measures, your employer is securing not only the property but also securing your safety.



Where Can I Seek Legal Help After Suffering An Injury During A Break-In?

Up to 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers in 2015 alone. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a break-in in your place of business, you may be entitled to compensation due to security negligence on the part of your employer.

We have the experience in personal injury law, workers compensation claims, and social security disability benefits to give you the legal help you need. For more information on our legal services, contact us today.

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