Finding the Right Injury Attorney for You

Attorney for auto accident

Have you ever been driving and the terrible thought occurred to you: what if you are in a car accident, what happens then? Or what if a biker is involved, and that biker is you? There are few everyday activities that can place a biker at risk, like biking. Even while in the shoulder or riding on in a bike lane, bikers have the distinct disadvantage of being completely exposed and are unable to maneuver as quickly as the automobiles they share the road with. In the rare instance that these questions need to be answered, getting the correct answers can make all of the difference.

If you have suffered an injury caused by auto, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, then a bodily injury attorney may have the answers that you need. These attorneys can help you determine who is at fault in a bicycle accident and in other circumstances that lead to personal injury.

Why do motorcycle accidents result in a higher rate of injuries or fatality? What to do after a motorcycle accident?

Here are some tips on how to find a personal injury attorney.

Accident injury attorneys come in all shapes, sizes, and calibers. Keys to learning how to find a good accident attorney begin with understanding your situation. You want to be able to pick the attorney for you based on your case, not solely on how well a television commercial may sell a lawyer’s services. If you have been in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, then you will want to seek a bodily injury attorney that has experience with, or a specially in, bicycle or motorcycle injury. The same rule applies for incidents involving pedestrians, a category that can include bicycles. If you have been in this kind of accident you should seek the assistance of a pedestrian injury lawyer.

To get started you should seek referrals to build a list of potential attorneys who can try your case on your behalf. Once you have created this list you should set up consultations. The initial consultation or interview with a lawyer should be free and offer you the opportunity to get to know your prospective bodily injury attorney. The best best way to enter a consultation is with prepared questions. You will want to know how the lawyer is contracted to be paid. Is their pay contingent on your winning? Also, what is the lawyer’s track record with cases such as yours? Only about 3% of personal injury suits make it to trial. If your lawyer has not tried a case like yours and had to go to trial, this is not necessarily a handicap.

You want to know that your bodily injury attorney is dedicated. The average malpractice law suit takes 31 months to resolve. Even if your case will not take this long, you want a lawyer who will be smart and aggressive on your behalf. So far in 2013, 940,000 workdays have been missed of due to injury. A strong lawyer can help get you back on your feet and working again. More info like this.

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