Have You or a Loved One Been Charged With a Crime? Find the Right Defense Attorney

Top criminal defense attorney

Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges for an “actus reus” (meaning act of guilt) that you did not commit? If so, you will want to secure the services of a criminal defense lawyer who has ample experience in these kinds of cases. While civil law relies more on the reconciliation of disagreements between two or more parties or the financial reimbursement of victims, criminal law firms deal with issues of punishment.

Though criminal law is in place to protect citizens from being wronged physically, morally, or psychologically, in order for justice to be meted out appropriately, the crime must be proven in court. This is where a quality crime defense attorney comes in.

Whether the offense in question is theft, murder–the only crime that does not become more prevalent when the moon is full, actually–or any other crime, the best criminal justice lawyers will be able to make a strong case against the proposed veracity of the charges. The lawyer you choose must be well-versed in all the protocols and procedures involved in criminal proceedings, from arraignment hearings to sentencing.

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