Heres What You Can Expect From A Social Security Disability Lawyer


Updated: 1/27/2022

This video talks about the process of hiring a social security disability lawyer and what an individual should expect when interviewing law firms and attorneys about representing their case.

The speaker created the video for all individuals who have ever been confused because an attorney has refused to take a case, dropped the case early, or never even spoke with the individual about the case. The thing to understand is that a case has to have a lot of potential for an attorney to take the case. This vetting process is usually due to the normal contingency-based structure of such cases. Most SSDI attorneys allow their clients to pay them out of their claim money at the end.

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Thus, attorneys don’t want to take cases that are not promising.

A strong case is one where the plaintiff has a valid disability, strong documentation about his or her health being poor for at least a year, does not earn gainful employment, and has a high level of functionality. Those are some of the main reasons cases get denied by the SSA. Therefore, an attorney will want to gather information that makes him or her feel comfortable about the case’s potential before offering a prospective client services.

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