Hiring a Securities Fraud Lawyer

Security fraud is one of several different “white collar crimes,” or a crime that is based not on violence or property damage, but rather on dishonest and illegal handling of money, information, and other business and financial goods. In particular, securities fraud, sometimes known as stock fraud of investment fraud, is the act of fooling investors into making purchases based on warped, dishonest, or fabricated information on stocks or commodity markets, and the result of this is usually lost money and violations of securities law. And as of the year 2014, for a recent example, a total of 1,639 such cases were pending. Whenever a business professional is caught and arrested for committing such a white collar crime, he or she may reach out to a securities fraud lawyer and other litigation attorneys for legal defense in their upcoming court appearances. A securities fraud lawyer will have experience with such cases and may be able to reduce the severity of the sentencing to terms that the client would find preferable, although guarantees cannot be made about this, and different cases may yield different results even when a securities fraud lawyer, or several of them, are involved. What are some examples of how such cases worked in the past, and how may a client find a securities fraud lawyer who will work best for them? What are some other uses for a lawyer, such as for writing a will?

A Business Attorney and Their Work

Security fraud is something that certainly happens every year in the United States, and anyone arrested for it and charged with federal crimes will want a securities fraud lawyer by their side during litigation. How often does this all happen? For example, in the fiscal year of 2014, the SEC, or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, filed a record total of 755 enforcement actions for a variety of acts and misconduct, and it obtained orders totaling nearly $4.16 billion in disgorgement and penalties according to available preliminary figures, and some of those cases were bound to be securities fraud.

A stock broker or other professional who has committed security fraud and who is facing charges of these crimes will want legal representation, such as a securities fraud lawyer. The potential client may find law firms whose attorneys specialize in such cases and get consultations from them (this may or may not incur a fee), and find a lawyer whose skills, expertise with the law, success rate, and personality are all to the client’s liking. Once a lawyer is chosen, the two of them can work as a team with a firm level of trust to build their case for upcoming court appearances. The outcome will vary, of course, but the team’s aim is to reduce the severity of the punishments handed out for the securities fraud or even get some of the charges dropped if at all possible. In what other ways might a business professional make use of an attorney?

Some American adults do not have a proper will written, and this can be a serious problem in some cases. Once a person becomes deceased, their assets and estate, such as their money, may be taken by any and all creditors that the person had, especially if that person owned their own private business, and this may leave nothing behind for the deceased’s family. Other times, the family members may be the problem, with unscrupulous family members taking more than what would be fair, anything from money to property like cars, a vacation home, or a boat. For these reasons and more, a person is strongly urged to hire an estate planning attorney, who will work with their client’s wishes to write a clear and legally binding will that will correctly handle the deceased’s estate as they wish. This protects it from the reckless actions of creditors or greedy family members, and it also means that trustees can be appointed for family members who are under 18 years of age. The rest of the estate can be divided fairly. Some Americans have no such will written because they think their estate is too small to bother with, or mere procrastination. But all adults are urged to have a will, just in case.

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