How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Dismiss Your Case


If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s essential to get assistance from a criminal defense attorney. In the attached video, viewers learn about how criminal defense lawyers can get a client’s criminal case dismissed. One method that can be used is to refer the accused to a diversion program – like a rehabilitation facility or a treatment center for addiction (in a drug case).

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To qualify for such a program, you must not have any prior convictions, and the crime must be non-violent.

One very common practice is called plea bargaining. This practice means that you admit you are guilty of a lesser crime, and the rest of your charges will be dropped. Some courts will allow you to pay money to the other party or to perform community service. If you have a provable alibi, this can also get your charges dismissed.

The evidence used to convict you may be insufficient to prove the case. Alternatively, the attorney may be able to get some of the evidence dismissed because it was improperly obtained. Your lawyer may be able to show there isn’t any proof that the proper chain of custody of the evidence was preserved. Another reason for case dismissal could come if a witness’s testimony against you can be proven untrue. Relying on a lawyer’s expertise is essential if you want your case to potentially be dismissed.

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