How to Find SSDI Attorneys


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Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is an arduous process that requires attention to detail and patience. SSDI attorneys specialize in the legal framework around SSDI, the application process, and the ways to win approval. They can also help with appeals if you’ve previously been denied benefits.

Finding a good SSDI lawyer is easier said than done, however. You want someone who works with you, communicates well, and fights tirelessly for your case. It needs to be someone that you have trust in because of how long the SSDI application process takes.

The first thing to look for is someone who specializes in SSDI law. Don’t look to a prosecutor from the DA’s office or a personal injury attorney to help you out. You need someone who is familiar with SSDI, just like you would go to see a cardiologist for heart problems.

Check online reviews of SSDI lawyers in your neighborhood. It’s not uncommon for any business to have a handful of bad reviews, but look out for patterns of behavior former clients point out. Also, see if the attorney responded to the reviews, both positive and negative. If they did, they’re probably committed to their clients and their satisfaction.

For more information on selecting an SSDI lawyer, check out the video above.

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