If You Have Been Charged with a DUI, Here Are Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer

A DUI is a serious offense, much more than a lot of people seem to realize. For this reason, it’s a good idea to find a good DUI lawyer with a good track record of successful outcomes. They should be well aware of things such as what two counts of DUI could result in and other details like these. It’s also a good idea for you to watch some drunk driving videos for education so that you know what to expect.

A suspected DUI may have a serious outcome if you’re represented by the wrong person. This is the reason why you must check the background of the professional you hire. They must be able to answer you when you ask them something like “What does three counts of DUI mean?” If they can think fast on their feet, you can be more confident in their ability to represent you.

Remember to find out whether any friends and family know of a good DUI lawyer. If they can refer you to one, they’ll save you a lot of time and hassle that you’d have spent trying to find one yourself. When all is said and done, never repeat the offense as the possible charges it carries will be heavier.


If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, you may not be sure what you should do. This is a very scary experience and making important decisions is always more difficult when you are scared. You should be scared, too. These are serious charges that can have a major impact on your life. You may wonder if you need to find a DUI attorney.

The answer to that question is yes. You will need to find a DUI attorney. DUI lawyers are experts in the state DUI laws. They know what the penalties are and they can help you navigate the process and get you through it. Every DUI case is different. If someone was hurt (or worse) or if there was a lot of damage to property, the case is a lot more complicated than if you were pulled over for erratic driving. Things get even ore complicated if you have been arrested for this crime before. Things are a lot more straightforward if this is your fist run in with the law. This is why you need to fund a DUI attorney.

How will you plead? A good DUI lawyer can help you decide how you will plead. For many people, who have been arrested for the first time and for their first DUI opt to plead guilty. When you find a DUI attorney, they can advise you about your chances of winning if you were to go to trial. A lot of this decision will depend on the evidence against you. Some of it may be inadmissable in court. A good criminal defense attorney will challenge the tests that were run by the police on the scene or at the station. Blood, urine and breathalyzer tests can all be challenged. If these tests were not done properly, they may be thrown out.

What will your sentence be? More and more states are passing tougher ad tougher DUI laws and imposing more and more harsh sentences on people who drive while under the influence. Part of the reason finding a food attorney to help with tis is that they can work with the prosecutor on your sentence. Having a good lawyer who has a lot of experience working on these cases will make a big difference here. The vast majority of criminal cases are settled via a plea (more than 96% are settled this way). This is why you need to find a DUI attorney who is a good negotiator. Should you balk at accepting a plea, you should know that sentences for most crimes are much higher when you take your case to trial.

What about when there are injuries, deaths or major property damage? If any of these things are a part of your DUI case, it is absolutely crucial that you find a DUI attorney to handle your case. There are no two ways about that. You life really hangs in the balance when it comes to these kinds of cases. You do not want to leave any of this to chance.

What should you do if this is not your first DUI? If this is your second, third or fourth, etc. DUI, you should find a DUI attorney. In some places, a third DUI, with or without damage, injury or death is no longer a misdemeanor. You may now be entering the land of the felony and a felony conviction changes everything. When you are convicted of a felony, you lose the right to vote, own a gun and a host of other civil rights that you may take for granted.

Make sure your DUI lawyer has a lot of experience dealing with your kind of case. Doctors specialize and so do lawyers. You do not just want any criminal defense lawyer, you want one who is very experienced dealing with your kind of case.

If you have been arrested for driving while drunk or on drugs, you are probably very scared. Finding a good DUI lawyer can make a difference and help get you through the ordeal in one piece.

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