I’ve Been Bit By A Dog Should I Go To A Personal Injury Law Firm And File A Claim?

Nobody thinks they need an accident lawyer until they’re suddenly in the thick of an unavoidable mess.

This mess could be getting bit by a dog on your way to work. It could be a boat accident that’s already costing you thousands in property damage. Whether you’re the victim of a distracted driving accident or a slip and fall injury on the job, an accident law firm is your best resource. Handling cases on your own may sound cheaper, but you’re far less likely to reach a viable conclusion that can help you pay your medical bills. Personal injury is a complex field that operates better with a professional eye on your side. Before you reach a decision, consider looking below to learn about some of the most common reasons Americans contact attorneys.

Your hidden blessing could be just a properly failed claim away.

Slips And Falls

The workplace is a hazardous place to be. When you’re not being exposed to the common cold and lower back pain you’re contending with the increased likelihood of a slip and fall incident. Falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injury today, with a simple fall being enough to send you to the hospital. According to studies by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC), floors and flooring materials both contribute to over two million slip and fall injuries every year. Whether or not you qualify for workers’ comp depends on your state, your unique case and the insurance claim attorney at your side.

Car Collisions

Car crashes are a common incident in the United States. In fact, over six million car accidents happen across the country every year, with an estimated three million people injured in that same timeframe. Auto and motorcycle accidents, specifically, account for over 35% of new spinal cord injuries. When you’ve been on the receiving end of a crash you’re likely more concerned about medical bills than the potential element of distracted driving or road rage. A personal injury claim, however, might just need to involve an attorney to help see justice served.

Cycling Accidents

Another aspect of the legal field is the cycling accident. The year 2015 saw over 1,000 bicyclists dying, with a staggering 465,000 bicycle-related injuries. The same year saw over 5,000 pedestrians killed and over 70,000 injured in traffic crashes. The road is dangerous enough as it is with poor driving habits and bad weather, but cycling adds another element of risk with the lack of protection. Personal injury compensation may or may not include neglect on behalf of a driver that doesn’t notice a cyclist turning or brakes in need of an update.

Dog Bites

Being bit by a dog is a complex issue, due in no small part the potential for contracting a dangerous disease. According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, over four and a half million dog bites are reported in the United States every year. Even if you’re lucky enough not to contract a serious injury, there’s the issue of potentially fining the owner for neglect. A dog bite lawyer works specifically in animal control and can provide you access to city resources and consultation to help you determine the best course of action.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim At An Accident Law Firm

Whether you need a bicycle accident lawyer or consultation for a slip, visiting an accident law firm is your first mode of action. There are a lot of misconceptions about personal injury. While you might be tempted to save on the cost of hiring an attorney, you run the risk of not reaching a conclusion that can better put this entire matter behind you. An injury lawyer can walk you through your local state laws, insurance claims and potentially see you represented in court. Contrary to popular belief, most personal injury cases are settled outside the courtroom.

You may not think you need legal advice, but there’s a professional ready and waiting to help when life takes a turn for the worse. Reach out to your accident law firm and ask for a consultation this week.

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