Law Basics How To Avoid DUI


Driving under the influence can have serious legal and financial consequences. To stay on the right side of the law, it’s crucial to understand some key points.

1. Know Your Limits: DUI is not just about alcohol; it includes impairment by drugs too. Keep in mind the legal Blood Alcohol Content limits, with zero tolerance for those under 21 and a 0.

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08 limit for those 21 and older.

2. Cannabis Caution: Driving under the influence of cannabis is risky, despite perceptions. It is a federally criminalized drug and is a significant factor in auto fatalities.

3. Testing Measures: Refusing blood or urine tests can lead to automatic DUI citations or license suspension. Always ooperate with law enforcement during such procedures.

4. Financial Consequences: A DUI can lead to hefty fines, potentially reaching $15,000. In addition to the financial burden, it may require hiring a DUI defense attorney, adding more costs.

5. Beyond Fines: The consequences extend beyond fines. DUI offenders may be required to attend a lengthy class, license suspension, and carry a criminal record for up to ten years.

6. Plan Ahead: The best way to avoid DUI is to plan ahead. Set up a support system, use rideshares or taxis, call a friend, or designate a sober driver. Remember, a designated driver should be someone who hasn’t consumed any alcohol.

Seeking legal counsel from a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney is crucial to protect your rights.


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