Looking for a Lawyer? Don’t Let Them Evade the Question of Trial Experience


About 95% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, but that doesn’t mean your lawyer shouldn’t be ready for it. Of all the lawyers Dover Delaware has to provide, it’s critical to choose one with sufficient trial experience. What constitutes ‘sufficient’? It’s your job to find out by asking the right questions. Here’s what you need to know about ensuring proper trial experience during the lawyer interview process.

Use the Right Wording

When questioning a lawyer about their specific level of trial expertise, it’s important to use the right wording. Typically, the best way to phrase the question regarding trial experience is, “how many cases have you tried?’ Make sure the answer is expressed in a number and not a percentage or irrelevant answer. Lawyers are masters of articulation, so you’ll have to be very careful in your phrasing to determine the proper answer.

Look For a Concrete Number

As mentioned, you need to express the question in such a way that the only right answer must be expressed in a concrete number. Don’t be fooled by fancy phrasing, and once they provide a number, make sure it’s in regards to the number of cases they’ve tried that have gone to trial. Once you get an answer, don’t be afraid to dig in and ask for more details regarding those cases and their outcomes. You should also ask if they were the lead attorney at the cases they’ve taken to court. Oftentimes, a lawyer will say that they’ve tried cases in court, but in reality, they may have settled after the opening statements.

Don’t Be Fooled by Evasive Answers

Lawyers who can’t answer this question honestly, or rather, don’t want to, will always try to find a way to bring in another positive talking point about the law office as a whole. The fact is, you’re not asking about how many lawyers are in the firm, the years of experience they have, or their specific accolades. Focus on nothing more than the concrete facts.

About 52% of personal injury cases related to motor vehicle accidents, but regardless of the nature of your personal injury case, knowing how to ask a lawyer about trial experience is the best way to ensure that all of your bases are covered while navigating your personal injury claim. For more information about working with the best lawyers Dover Delaware can provide, contact Baird Mandalas Law.

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