My Child Was Injured at Their Private Preschool! What Do I Do Now?


On the Fox News Law Call YouTube channel, they discuss “What to Do If Your Child Incurred an Injury at School.” The law firm of Farris Riley & Pitt LLP says whether it is a private preschool or public school it is a tough situation to try to seek compensation.

Many schools have immunity from having to pay for accidents or injuries for students outside or inside the school. If the child had a fight and you can prove the teacher or school employee made an error in judgment, you may be able to submit a claim for compensation for medical expenses.

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You can talk with the other child’s family and find out if they are willing to help with medical expenses for a fight.

Your own medical insurance should cover most of the costs or injuries from a fight or accident that occurred at school. Many schools take out health insurance policies for children that cover the cost of accidents on the playground and inside the school.

Parents may want to make an appointment with the principal or teacher to discuss the issue to find out whether you can pursue any of these options for injury and accidents. In cases of high medical expenses, consult the advice of a lawyer. These are some of the options for consumers to pursue in these cases.


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