Reducing Truck Accident Fatalities with Increased Safety Requirements

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Trucking accidents are too common in the industry. In fact, thousands of people die each year in accidents that involve semi trucks. Because semi trucks are full of heavy cargo, it can be impossible to stop and it often causes serious damages. In order to reduce the number of people injured or killed in trucking accidents, changes need to be made. These methods could potentially reduce the number of trucking accidents, and thus, the number of trucking accident fatalities.

Increased truck driving training

Truck driving is sometimes an afterthought or a last option career route. The training is fast and easy. A person can quickly breeze through a trucking academy and then drive their own truck. This does not give sufficient time for safety training. If individual states and the overall country increase truck education requirements, it would likely reduce the number of truck related accidents and injuries. Additionally, there should be differing training programs for different trucking purposes.

For example, trailer tractor accidents can cause even more damage because of the added cargo weight. About 64% of fatal semi truck accidents involve a semi truck that was towing one trailer. In order to tow a trailer or additional cargo, the driver should be required to take additional training. This improves safety knowledge and would likely reduce the number of fatal accidents that occur.

Annual trainings for drivers

Similar to personal automobile travel, the rules of the road are constantly changing. Issues like technology are evolving and new laws are needed to control distracted driving situations. Because the world is constantly changing, annual trainings could be beneficial. Drivers that have been in the industry for many years could even forget basic safety practices. In order to avoid the need for a truck accident law firm, trucking companies should require updated trainings.

Implement awareness programs

Much of a truck driver?s workday is alone. They can spend as much as 100% of their job on the road. This can make it difficult to implement new safety trainings and awareness programs. However, requiring an awareness program can inform drivers of the safety problem that exists. Allow them to hear about the risks of unsafe driving from different sources including previous victims, other truck drivers that have been involved in a semi truck accident, and even a personal injury lawyer. Accidents in the trucking industry are often kept quiet. This does not prevent other drivers from making the same mistakes and needing the services of a truck accident law firm.

Reduce weight allowances

Carrying too much cargo can increase the damages of a truck accident. Even with routine weight checks, some truck drivers attempt to carry more. The average weight of a semi truck is about 80,000 pounds, while the average car weighs about 5,000 pounds. The truck is already extremely heavy and adding too much weight can result in a disastrous outcome. If your driver causes an accident and was carrying over the legal amount, they might require the services of a truck accident law firm. Even with the best personal injury attorney at the truck accident law firm, the driver could be criminally charged, lose their driving license, and the business itself could be severely fined.

Trucking accidents are usually much more serious than automobile accidents. Trucks are much larger, carry a heavier load, and do not stop as easily. With increased truck driver training, a safety awareness program, and routine weight checks, it is hoped that the number of fatalities caused by truck accidents will decrease.

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