Three Common Criminal Defenses

If you are charged with a crime, you’ll need to hire an attorney for criminal in order to help you. Make sure that you hire someone who has a background in criminal law. All lawyers know the law, but criminal law attorneys have experience dealing with the courts system. They can help you try to avoid a criminal sentence. While the best lawyer for criminal cases can’t guarantee you’ll be found innocent, they can at least help make the sentence lighter if you are found guilty.

Criminal defense lawyer jobs are very common, so lawyers are often very busy. You might need to look around to find a criminal and justice lawyer who is available to take your case. Make sure that you understand your responsibilities as you begin to work together. Your lawyer might require payment upfront, or they might take it after. Sometimes your lawyer might represent you for free, though you can’t depend on that. So, if you’re facing charges, hire a good lawyer and follow their instructions. They can help make the aftermath much easier.

Have you ever wondered what a criminal law attorney does all day? Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn all about criminal lawyers and how to become one. Here are answers to come of the most common questions about what a defense lawyer does all day!

What if I don’t want to be an attorney for criminal defendants but am interested in criminal law?

Working as a prosecutor might be the ideal job for you. State and federal prosecutors appear regularly in court, run trials, head investigations and represent the state in criminal cases. It’s often a good alternative for individuals who are interested in criminal law but don’t have the desire to work regularly with defendants.

What are the steps to becoming a criminal defense attorney?

All attorneys in the United States must first attend an accredited four-year institution and graduate with a bachelor’s degree. No matter what you hear, there’s no specific undergraduate course of study that prepares you for the LSAT or law school. After you college, you’ll need to spend three more years studying at an accredited law school. The admissions process can be quite time-consuming and is often extremely competitive. After you finish law school, you’ll need to pass the bar in the state where you plan to practice.


If charged with a federal crime, you’ll undoubtedly need the help of criminal defense law firms who can provide you with the appropriate federal criminal defense attorney for your case. These are professionals who will help you build a strong, federal criminal defense to raise against your charges.

In order for a prosecutor to get a conviction, they must prove that the defendant is guilty without a shred of reasonable doubt. In order to go up against the prosecution, you’ll need to use one of the many different types of federal criminal defenses. Here are a few that attorneys can use to help win your case.

An Alibi Defense.

This federal criminal defense uses evidence that shows a defendant was someplace other than the scene of the time when the crime was committed. For example, if you’re accused of a murder at nine o’clock on a Friday, your alibi would be that you were with friends at the bar at that time. Your friends, the bartenders, other eyewitnesses and possible security camera footage can back this up, providing a strong defense.

The Under the Influence Defense.

This type of defense is common in cases where the perpetrator did in fact commit the crime, but argue that their mental capacities were so badly impaired that they absolutely can’t be held accountable for their actions. Voluntary intoxication doesn’t usually stand up in the court of law, as defendants should know it doesn’t excuse their criminal conduct. However, some states do allow an exception to this rule. According to online legal encyclopedia, ” If the defendant is accused of committing a crime that requires ‘specific intent’ (intending the precise consequences, as well as intending to do the physical act that leads up to the consequences), the defendant can argue that he was too drunk or high to have formed that intent.” This is only a partial defense, and is mainly used to reduce the charges.

The Reasonable Doubt Defense.

As previously mentioned, prosecutors need to convince a jury beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant in question did commit the crime. This defense is meant to leave doubt in jurors’ minds by calling into question the validity of evidence or testimony.

These are just a few of the common federal criminal defenses your lawyer can use. If you have any questions about these federal criminal defenses, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful links:

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