Three Reasons You Should Seek Out a Lawyer

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In the United States, it is very easy to see that we have become an extremely litigious society. Every time you turn around and back again, someone is suing somebody else for something. People take people to court every day and there are backlogs of cases just waiting in line to be heard. The annual cost for civil lawsuits in the United States alone to the economy as a whole is $239 billion. That is quite a stack of cash for people suing each other.

One the one hand, it might seem as though so much legality in a system of government is a bad thing. So many people clogging up the courts with what might, at first, seem like frivolous cases. At the same time, a quick look at the other hand shows us how important it is for every human being to have his opportunity to be heard in front of a judge while being represented by a lawyer.

The law is where every man and woman are able to stand equally against, beside, and for one another. The law is the law, no matter who you are or where you come from. It is under the law that we are all made equal. That is the general idea, anyway. From there, it goes to who can use the law to their benefit the most. That is one of the main reasons you need a lawyer if you ever find yourself in need of the protection of the laws of the land.

There are many different reasons for which you might need an expert in the law and specific aspects of the law. Not all law is created to be the same and the specialties of particular areas of the law will require attorneys who specialize in those aspects. You very well might find yourself in need of a good lawyer and here are three reasons why you should be prepared to call one.

1.) Statistically, you are bound to be involved in a car accident sometime soon, if you haven’t been already.

When you find yourself involved in a car accident, it is likely that there are going to be some laws that have been broken in one way or another. In the midst of everything that goes on, things can get very confusing. You might not even have been driving and yet could still get a ticket. Everything can seem upside down because you need to be worrying about any injuries or damage to vehicles. Here is a very specific and important reason to have a good quality lawyer on speed dial.

2.) Bankruptcy is a very real possibility for both businesses and personal situations every day.

Back in 1980, bankruptcies by businesses made up roughly 13% of all of the bankruptcy cases. Today, they only make up about 3% of all of the bankruptcy cases per year. That means that personal bankruptcy filings make up the vast majority of cases that come before the court. Having a bankruptcy lawyer is a very specific type of lawyer that will help you negotiate and navigate all of the problems and pitfalls associated with the bankruptcy process.

3.) A worker’s compensation lawyer is someone you want to make sure you have in your contacts. You never know when you might need her.

A business is going to be looking out for its bottom line. It sounds cynical, but it is the truth. If you are injured at work, you need to call a worker’s compensation lawyer. They know every aspect of what workmen’s compensation is all about and unless you are also a workmen’s compensation lawyer, that means that they know a great deal more about the law and how it works than you do.

The company that you work for will be spending their money on the best lawyers they can find, so, you should do the same. You have to protect your own interests.

In this modern, litigious world, the best we can hope for is to live according to the laws the best we can. Sometimes, we need the advice and counsel of an expert and sometimes we need those experts to got to bat on our behalf.

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