What do Injury lawyers Do?


If you are injured in a car accident, fall, or trip, you’ll need to hire an injury lawyer. Injury lawyers can cover many types of injuries, so keep reading to learn what injuries lawyers cover.

Injury lawyers mainly handle auto accident cases where you are not at fault, but they cover more types of cases as well. They cover slip and fall accidents that occur outside your home like if you were to slip and fall on a puddle in the grocery store, and also trip and fall accidents which are similar circumstances but involve a trip rather than a slip, like tripping on uneven concrete in the grocery store parking lot.

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Injury lawyers also do negligence security cases. A business has a duty to maintain the property so it is safe, and can be at fault if it is not. High-risk businesses like gas stations or banks that invite a criminal element have a higher duty of care than businesses like a grocery store. However, if a grocery store is in a high-crime area, for example, they will also have a higher duty of care.

Watch the video above to learn about more types of cases injury lawyers handle.


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