What Does a Domestic Mediator Do During Family Mediation?


Mediation is an important process for businesses and individuals alike. A domestic mediator can help people from all walks of life resolve conflict and move through difficult situations. You might see domestic mediators most often during divorce cases.

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But what does a domestic mediator actually do?

Mediation itself is a process of conflict resolution that involves talking things out with an impartial professional. This professional is your domestic mediator. Most often seen in situations like divorce, a mediator can help you reach a compromise on whatever sticking points there might be in your divorce.

Sometimes, a mediator might help resolve asset distribution. Other times they may be tapped to help settle custody disputes when there are children involved in the divorce process. While a mediator doesn’t have to be a lawyer to practice, it’s not uncommon for lawyers to do mediation work, either.

Mediators are invaluable in the work that they do for couples, families, and corporate teams. Their skills can help reduce conflict and provide productive resolutions.


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