What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer


In this video, you will learn about criminal defense lawyers. She said criminal defense lawyers get scrutinized for their job. They are defending the “bad guys.

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” There is a greater deal of controversy over this. A stereotype of criminal defense lawyers is that they are trying to let guilty criminals back out into the streets. When she does to social events and dinner parties, she is often asked the same types of questions. There are some negative views of criminal justice. There are some FAQs that she is asked about. In a democratic society, everyone has the right to a fair trial. It is up to the judge and jury to decide the fate of their client. If you can’t defend everyone, then those principles should not exist. Criminal lawyers have been asked this for centuries. How do you defend someone who is guilty? It is hard to defend someone who wants to plead guilty but is innocent. Fighting a criminal charge is a difficult process. In best-case scenario, you are out on bail. Worst case scenario, you are sitting in jail waiting for your trial day. Hopelessness is also oftentimes found in a criminal defense case.

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