What is Antitrust?


In this video you will learn all about antitrust and antitrust law. People hear these words a lot, especially in more recent times, but it is uncommon to know what they actually mean. It is important to stay up to date since, in some cases, these types of laws can directly affect the general public. Antitrust laws have to do with monopolies, that is, when one company from having complete control over a commodity.

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The video goes over the history of the term, including how it began during medieval times with monarchs, and then relating it back to the present day. Antitrust laws were created in an effort to prevent monopolies. The video guides you through each of these ideas and showing real-world examples of why they’re important. By the end of watching it, you will have a solid grasp of antitrust laws and understand how it could affect you and other consumers.


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