What Is it Like to Be a Lawyer?


Lawyers tend to have a poor reputation because of how they are depicted in movies. But, they are regular people who just have a very stressful job that requires fine attention to detail. In this video, you will see what a typical day looks like for a lawyer.

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When lawyers first leave law school, they probably expect to always be doing lawyer things like traveling to see clients and living in the courtroom. But, they actually live in the office. Many of the tasks that a lawyer does are quite similar to any other office job. They start the day by checking their email to see what the agenda for that day will look like.

There will also be a lot of meetings for a lawyer to attend. Whether it be a client meeting or an administration meeting, you will be sitting a lot. Only on the few select days will you go out and travel to see clients or the courtroom.

So, if you were curious to see what the life of a lawyer looks like, then check the rest of this video out. For those who want to become lawyers, this might be a good video for you to prepare yourself for your future job.

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