Why More Americans Than Ever Are Considering Filing For Divorce The Changing Face Of Marriage

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Divorce is not an easy decision. A divorce lawyer can make it easier.

When you have to juggle everything from child custody to asset relocation, reaching out for professional help will ensure you can get everything done properly. A divorce lawyer can help you with every step of the way and ensure nothing is overlooked on your way to a new start. Divorce is on the rise and more people than ever are in dire need of options that can keep them moving forward. Should you be applying for divorce, or just considering it, learn about the function of a divorce lawyer as they pertain to disability claims, child custody and more.

Rate Of Marriage

You have likely seen more than a few articles discussing the dynamic nature of marriage in today’s Western society. Marriage rates have seen a noticeable decline over the past few decades, with some citing new economic challenges and others noting shifting social norms. A recent study believes the American marriage rate to be sitting at a very average 50%. It’s estimated there is one divorce every 36 minutes or so, exceeding 2,000 divorces per day and exceeding 800,000 every year. Seeking the aid of a divorce lawyer is often the first step on a couples’ road to separation.

Child Custody

One of the most difficult aspects of a successful divorce is that of child custody. Children can struggle more than adults during a separation, impacting their mental health and even affecting their education. Studies have shown children who grow up with divorce are more likely to struggle with graduation. This does not mean, however, this isn’t a valid decision. Your unique situation needs to be looked at with a professional eye to help determine where you should proceed from here. Child custody are flexible, ranging from exclusive rights to visitation rights split down the middle.

Social Security

Do you rely on Social Security? A divorce lawyer can assist with making sure you’re covered after your personal information has changed. Over five million people were awarded Social Security benefits back in 2014 and, as of now, around 65 million people receive benefits from programs provided by the Social Security Administration. This isn’t merely limited to older participants, either. A Pew Research Center survey saw half of all Millennial respondents concerned they won’t receive Social Security benefits once they retire.

Disability Claims

Similar to above, applying for a disability claim can help immensely with the aftermath of a divorce. Some individuals rely heavily on their partner for financial support. When that support system is all but yanked out from under them following the successful application of a divorce, finding a replacement can prove daunting. A divorce lawyer can also provide a disability lawyer to help smooth over the transition. The definition of disability has expanded over the years to include mental illness, such as PTSD, depression and debilitating anxiety. If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify, a meeting with disability attorneys will clear up any questions you have.

Meeting With A Divorce Lawyer

Once you’ve made the decision to meet with a divorce lawyer you can start to consider where your life will go from here. Bring any and all relevant information to the meeting to give your chosen attorney the best possible chance at representing you. This includes health insurance information, personal assets, child custody, domestic violence reports and restraining orders, among others. Additional personal documentation, such as birth certificates and your driver’s license, will be required. A consultation can give you a larger overview of your situation and help you ensure your decision will be a solid one.

Let a divorce lawyer shoulder some of the burden of this new life change alongside you.

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