Why You Should Let a Personal Injury Attorney Take Your Case

We all hope that we won’t need a personal injury attorney, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Whether through workplace injuries, truck accidents, a drunk driving accident, or a general motor vehicle accident, we may find ourselves looking up a good personal injury attorney for ourselves or our loved ones. It’s important to find someone who you trust and can build a good relationship with. Workplace injuries or motor vehicle accidents can be traumatizing enough and there’s plenty of anxiety present about taking time off work, medical bills, and the emotional aspect, so you want to find someone who you feel you can trust and build a good relationship with. A personal injury attorney can also help you explore your options when it comes to the proceedings. Many people might not know, for example, that between 95 and 96% of personal injury cases get settled before they even reach trial. An attorney can help lay out all the possible scenarios.

Here’s Why You Should Know the Number of a Good Attorney

Unfortunately, not every workplace prioritizes the safety of its employees and workplace injuries can happen. Depending on the severity of the injury — and what it is you do — you may not be able to work for a period of time, which might not be covered by your sick/vacation time. If your workplace is at fault for the accident, you may be entitled to recoup some of that money while you heal from workplace injuries.

The road is also a scary place — the Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that over 35,000 people in the United States die in road crashes every year and over 50% of traffic deaths happen for those between the ages of 15 and 44. In 2015, there were over 30,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes. This is not helped by distracted driving or by the fact that around hundreds of thousands of drivers are arrested for driving under the influence every year. If you were the victim of such an accident, let an attorney guide you through the events that might follow.

When Do I Need an Attorney?

Though you don’t legally need to have an attorney, it’s always recommended. A personal injury attorney will be experienced in dealing with these types of cases — whether you were hurt due to workplace injuries or a motor vehicle crash. He or she can help gather expert witnesses, file the paperwork, and negotiate/defend you in court.

You are likely going through a lot now yourself, so having someone do that heavy lifting will likely be a huge load off and can reduce stress and anxiety. The legal process can be an extremely frustrating and often confusing one, so having someone on your team who is well equipped to deal with this kind of case is certainly an advantage.

Your attorney can also handle the insurance company (or companies) involved and work on your behalf to make sure that you’re compensated fairly. The bottom line is that getting an attorney involved increases your chances of not only getting a settlement, but getting one that’s appropriate for your case.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Your attorney is on your side. They’ll figure out how to get you what you need, answer questions, and be hands-on throughout the whole process. They’ll gather paperwork that shows how much you’ve lost and make sure that everything is filed in the right manner, to avoid any delays down the line. Your attorney can also help you gather necessary evidence, interview witnesses, and handle the insurance companies involved.

And, of course, your attorney will help you sort through potential settlement offers and counsel you on what the best course of action would be. Whether that’s settling pre-trial (the typical route) or going on to a trial), an attorney will be able to offer his or her opinion on what will work in your interest.

A good personal injury attorney is invaluable. Don’t hesitate to find good representation — it will ultimately benefit you and make the process much easier.

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