3 Types of Financial Legal Cases that Require the Right Litigation Attorney

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Are you in need of one of the best litigation attorneys? There are a variety of reasons why someone may need to hire a litigation attorney. Whatever your reason is, it is in your best interest to make sure you end up with the right attorney for your needs who can pay close attention to your case. Otherwise, you may not get the best outcome in the end. If your case involves securities, fraud, and finances, it may also be best to learn as much as you can about the history of these types of cases.

Interested in learning more about securities cases, fraud cases, and other cases like pyramid schemes? Keep reading for more information about these court cases and how specific attorneys like a securities fraud attorney can make all the difference.

3 Instances in Which the Right Lawyer Makes all the Difference

You may be wondering whether or not it makes a difference to hire any of the top litigation attorneys versus hiring an attorney with a specialty. If you want the best chance, you should research, meet with, and speak to a variety of lawyers before making your decision. You should also take some time to learn about other court cases similar to yours and statistics about those cases to prepare yourself. Here are three different types of cases to consider.

1. Pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme

A pyramid scheme usually starts with someone attempting to recruit more and more people below them. In order for a recruit to officially join, they have to invest money with the original recruit. This investment is then generally used by the first recruit instead of actually being invested anywhere specifically. As the lower recruits make their investments, they must continue to find more recruits. Each of these recruits follows the same process allowing the original investor to earn quite a bit of money over time.

Someone who has infamously operated a Ponzi scheme is Bernard Madoff. In 2008 he was arrested after losing nearly $20 billion for his clients. He now is serving a 150-year prison sentence due to his involvement in the largest Ponzi scheme to date.

2. Securities fraud

When someone commit stock fraud or investment fraud, it is generally known as securities fraud. This is generally done by deceiving other people into making a purchase a sales decision. The decision is usually based on false information. That results in someone having a loss. This type of deception is in direct violation of securities laws.

In 2014, when it came to securities and commodities fraud and the pending cases across the nation, there were around 1,639 in total. That numbers was up from 2009 when there were only 1,510 pending securities and commodities fraud cases.

3. Misstated financial reports

If you are the owner of a business or company, perhaps you ended up misstating in your financial reports. In cases such as these, it usually results in some type of penalty and fine. For example, the Deutsche Bank AG was caught for their financial reports in 2015. The SEC found out that the bank had misstated on reports, especially during the financial crisis. All-in-all, the bank ended up being charged a $55 million penalty.

A similar issue can occur when businesses mislead investors, too. They can lie about the status of mortgage loans or fail to inform investors about unknown future income and issues regarding money due to financial crises. These are generally followed by large penalties for the companies at fault.

When it comes to finances and securities, it is better to be safe than sorry. Misrepresenting or incorrectly documenting your financial status personally or of your company can result in a lot of legal issues in the long run. It can also result in penalties and fines, even if you have the best team of litigation attorneys there to help you through the court case.

Have you found the right securities fraud lawyer, litigation attorneys, or financial advisor attorney to help with your case? Let us know in the comments about your experience working through your court case.

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