Basics of A Deputy Sheriff Career


Working to become a deputy sheriff is a process that starts as soon as someone begins their law enforcement career. It will take years of experience in multiple sectors of law enforcement before one is qualified to run for a deputy sheriff. Let’s get some further insight into the basics of a deputy sheriff career.

Deputy sheriffs are the only elected law officials in a county, and this process of election applies to anyone in the United States. Elected sheriffs run for four-year terms, and they must be post-peace officer standards and training certified.

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A prospective deputy sheriff must also have some amount of experience in corrections or jail facilities. Of course, one must also have a clear record before filing for the deputy sheriff position. Like any elected official, there must be a campaign over a number of months before the election.

These are just a few key requirements for anyone hoping to start a deputy sheriff career, the in-between details go far beyond the basics. For further information on what it takes to become a deputy sheriff and the responsibilities expected after election, check out the video we have linked above.


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