Four Tips for Writing Better Legal Newsletters


Legal newsletter

As either a professional attorney or PR representative for attorneys, are you looking to write a law firm newsletter? Clarity of communication is key. As you move forward with your legal newsletter, here are some helpful tips for informing your readership.

Legible Font

Simply put, if the law firm’s clients can’t read the newsletter clearly, how will they receive and internalize the latest news on the firm or its updates to policy? An effective lawyer newsletter begins with an easy to read font.

Avoid Legalese

Among those reading the newsletter lawyers will be likely be few and far between. There is no reason to bog the content down with jargon that serves only to obfuscate the main points you are wishing to make. Instead be sure to utilize language that the layperson can use to effectively engage.

Use Coherent Structure

It may be wise to provide a summary in the beginning of the newsletter that provides an outline of the particular issues the document will focus on. Giving the reader a better idea of what to expect can significantly improve the experience.

Be Concise

Brevity can be a huge asset. When producing a newsletter law firms should be aware that it is likely that people will be reading it during the workday. Because of this, they may not have a lot of spare time to devote to it. With this in mind, you will likely want to avoid a lengthy newsletter, opting instead for something that focuses on the most essential points.

Ultimately, the law firm newsletter should share new information about which the reader may have been previously unaware. The document should be thought of as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with clients. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about how to write this kind of newsletter, be sure to share them in the forum below.

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