Have You Considered a Company Newsletter?


Legal newsletter

Have you decided to become a newsletter law firm? Not quite sure what a newsletter law firm is, are you? Fairly simply, it is a law firm that keeps in touch with its clients and the community by issuing the occasional newsletter.

If you have not thought about adding a newsletter to your mailings, perhaps it is time, because you can see an increase in positive customer relations, and even business, by keeping open communication with past and prospective clients alike.

  • Benefits of a Newsletter
  • No matter the business or organization, a newsletter can be a beneficial thing to implement. Imagine just sending out a mass email to clients, customers, donors, subscribers. Getting an email blast may be exciting to some people, but to most it ends up in the spam or the trash, without so much as a cursory glance.

    But a newsletter, even if it is in electronic format, has a different layout than standard email. It is more of an event, it is more special. People actually appreciate the time that goes into crafting a newsletter. Even if it is the same amount of time as an email, they think that more thought and effort went into the newsletter, whether it is true or not.

  • Benefits of a Legal Newsletter
  • If you have a newsletter lawyer on your staff, someone who sends out their own, personalized lawyer newsletter, you can just ask them. But it really is quite simple. It keeps you in the mind of the people who may, at some point in the future, require your services.

    When a newsletter gets delivered, most people will not sit down to read it right away, but they will make the effort to save it for a later date. Just by having that newsletter there, in the back of their mind, sitting on the coffee table or in an inbox, you are more likely to be remembered and considered should your services be needed.

  • Benefits of a Newsletter Law Firm
  • There are definitive benefits to a law firm newsletter. Like with a lawyer-specific newsletter, it keeps you in the minds of the clients, but there is something more. It shows the people that you care. It illustrates to them that you are willing to take the time to sit down and write something down every few months to keep them informed.

    It allows you the medium to introduce new partners in the firm, and any charitable works that you have done. And by showing that you care so much, you can prove to the people that your firm is the best choice for when it comes to needing legal assistance, because you care.

Newsletters are rare nowadays. Give your clients, past or future, a pleasant surprise with your very own, personalized newsletter. By showing them that you care, by sharing all of the exciting news that you have about the firm, you prove to be more than just a cold, sterile lawyer, and can show-off your humanity.

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