How Do Bail Bondsman Make Money?


One phone call everyone hopes they never have to make in their lives are those to a bail bondsman. Bail is an interesting concept that can help many people live their regular lives before their trial starts, but sometimes the bail is set so high that a person cannot pay for it themselves. That’s where a bail bondsman comes in.

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But, how does a bondsman get paid? Well, they have to give their money to a client and hope that they show up to their trial so the bondsman can get their money back. A bondsman gets paid usually about 10% of the bail, but they also may ask for collateral as a type of insurance.

It’s a great idea to show up to your court date if you have used a bondsman. If you decide not to show up for your trial, then you could get into a lot of other legal trouble because you are breaking the law again. So, just show up to your court date.

Continue watching this video to learn more about the bondsman industry and how they actually do make money. Learn the ins and the outs from a bondsman himself here!


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