How Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Work?


A personal injury claim occurs when someone suffers an injury or harm to their person for which another party is responsible. Personal injury lawyers represent the injured party’s interests in such an event. They can negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or move to court on the claimant’s behalf.

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Approximately 95% of personal injury cases never see a courtroom. The first phase that a claim goes through is the pre-litigation stage. This is the stage where personal injury lawyers learn all the details of the accident in preparation for negotiation.
At this stage, the offending party’s insurance company is also notified of the lawyer’s intent to represent that particular client. Many clients will naturally be afraid of the cost involved in acquiring the services of personal injury lawyers.
However, this should not be a concern because personal injury lawyers will not receive payment unless they are able to recover a settlement, about 33% on average. If the matter is not resolved in the pre-litigation stage, then the lawyer may wish to move to court.

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