How Much Will a Lawyer Cost Me?


In this video, you will learn about an employment attorney. If you call a lawyer, you will probably be worried about how much it will cost. Some lawyers won’t charge for a phone call, others will. When we are talking about legal advice and you want to hire a lawyer to review the facts, it is just legal advice.

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Generally, this might be charged as an hourly rate. You might find it difficult to find a lawyer that doesn’t charge several hundred dollars an hour. Before you find a lawyer that is willing to be hired on an hourly rate, you may have to make a lot of calls. In regards to the merits of a severance pack, some of them can be quick. Very rarely will lawyers do this on a percentage basis. You should be worried about hiring a lawyer at a flat rate. The lawyer may be more apt to charge a flat rate, rather than per hour if you offer. Companies generally have layers on retainer for questions. If yo want an employment lawyer to ask questions to, you will hie them on a retainer.

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