Legal Answers About Workplace Injuries


Most companies are required to provide a safe and healthy environment to work with. However, there are still some instances wherein injuries aren’t avoidable. If you happen to get injured at work, there are some legal actions you can take. Here are some answers from a workplace injury lawyer:

1. The employee should know that the state requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance.

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So, when the employee gets injured at work, this insurance should always be readily available for the employee to take. Then the employer contacts their worker compensation carrier to provide their employee benefits and compensations that they are entitled to.

2. The employee should immediately notify the employer about the injury so that the company can notify their carrier and the state commission. There are also instances where the insurance carrier sends a designated worker medical provider to the injured party to have their injury treated.

3. The workplace injury lawyer also states that the employer doesn’t allow them to retaliate against their employees whenever they file a workers’ compensation claim. But if you’re fired making your claim, the next best thing to do is file a lawsuit against your employer.

If you plan on filing a civil lawsuit against your employer, it does go to public records. However, finding an attorney can help you with your case or they can have the judge seal the case for you. Use these tips to handle your workplace injury in the best way.


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