What Should You Ask When Hiring a Trust Lawyer


This video talks about what you need to ask when hiring a trust lawyer. It discusses the four things to ask before hiring a trust attorney. Any time you are interested in hiring an attorney, especially regarding trusts, it is critical to ask questions.

Question one is, will you, as the attorney, administer the trust that you are creating for me?

You are asking the attorney if they will help your family after you pass away.

Question two is how many years of experience do you have?

You want an experienced attorney.

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Question three is what are your practice areas? What do you practice? What else do you do?

You do not want a lawyer for will and trust that is a jack of all trades. You want someone that specializes in trusts. The rules and laws change quickly, and your attorney must stay on top of the changes.

Question four is, are you a certified specialist in estate planning?

There is less than one percent of estate lawyers are considered a specialist by the state bar of California.

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