The 3 Most Common Types Of Wrongful Termination Cases

wrongful termination lawyerIt might surprise you to learn that every year in the United States, an estimated 150,000 people are wrongfully fired from their jobs. Unfortunately, wrongful termination attorneys will only end up representing a small number of them.

Workplace disagreements can sometimes become heated, whether overt or through subtle passive aggression, and result in someone losing their job unfairly. When beliefs or favoritism become factors of an employee’s termination, there could be misconduct at play. In fact, depending on the labor laws in your state, this termination could be illegal, and thus grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit against your former employer.

If this sounds like something you’ve been through recently, you might have a wrongful termination case. Talk to a wrongful termination lawyer if you have had one of these experiences:

  1. Discrimination in the WorkplaceIf you were fired for no other reason than something superficial or unalterable about yourself, you should consult with a wrongful termination attorney today. If you believe your gender, race, religion, or age was the true reason for your termination, there’s strong legal precedent in your favor. Of course, proving that this was the reason you were fired is another issue, one that wrongful termination lawyers are excellent at solving, but it can be difficult nonetheless.
  2. Refusing To Act Against The LawIf your legal team can establish that your boss asked you to break the law, that you refused, and that your refusal was linked to your termination, then you will likely succeed in your case. These are tricky things to prove. In cases of this kind, a boss that is okay with asking an employee to break the law might already be breaking the law. Hard evidence of your former boss’s illegal actions could easily sway a jury, but it might not get that far. Someone involved in alleged criminal activity might not want the spotlight of a trial to shine on their business. You might be more likely to settle this kind of case out of court.
  3. Filing For Workers’ CompensationIf you were retaliated against for filing for workers’ compensation due to a workplace injury, then call a wrongful termination lawyer now! Your lawyer will only need to prove there is a connection between your workers’ comp request and your termination to pursue legal action. With most workers’ comp cases there is a paper trail, so intent becomes the major question in cases like this.

The legal process can often be long and tiring, but justice tends to win out in the end. If you feel like you have a wrongful termination case and want to fight for your rights as an American worker, give a wrongful termination attorney a call today. Let’s get back to work.

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