Understanding Legal Separation


Before taking that bold step to pursue a divorce, have you ever had the opportunity to think about legal separation? Despite both involving similar court processes as outlined in the attached video, there’s an aspect of absolute freedom and relative freedom involved. Legal separation attracts relative freedom because you will still be attached to the relationship with elements such as last name and insurance covers. On the other hand, divorce is a done deal with absolute freedom of changing your name and not owing your ex anything unless the court states otherwise.

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Legal separations tend to require an open mind, especially when children are involved. The spouse can agree on child custody, but with divorce, the court often decides. In the event that one violates the court orders, the spouse who defied the court orders may face consequences. There is a lot in the legal separation that the spouse can disagree with without dire consequences. Before you pursue either divorce or legal separation, make sure you fully understand what is involved with each.

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