Your Guide to Hiring Experienced Malpractice Attorneys


In this video, Gerry Oginski explains several ways to get experienced medical malpractice attorneys to take on a case. He explains that one must show that their injuries resulted from the doctor’s carelessness and that the latter violated basic medical care standards. Read more here.

It must be proved that the doctor’s negligence was the cause of the injury. It doesn’t have to be the cause, but the cause of the injury.

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One must also demonstrate that their injuries were significant or permanent, and a medical expert must confirm the efficacy of the claims. Oginski says an experienced medical malpractice attorney only takes on cases where a medical professional has certified negligence claims as valid. This is because they must have a reasonable basis for a case before drafting a suit.

Before taking on a case, medical malpractice attorneys review all the medical records and then contact an approved board medical expert to confirm every negligence claim. If one’s injuries are minor, despite the fact they may have been due to medical malpractice, rarely would one get an attorney willing to invest their time, resources, and money if the case is only going to attract paltry compensation. While the case may be legitimate, experienced lawyers will only take it if they are confident the compensation will be worth their efforts.


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