Legality of the EPA


If you live on this planet, then how we treat our environment, and the laws regulating that treatment, should be of some concern to you. The Environmental Protection Agency was created when a river in the United States caught fire thirteen times in one century because of the non-existent sewer and waste disposal regulations. This, amongst other concerning issues, led to laws being put in place to protect our Earth.

The EPA guidelines were created to promote human health by protecting our air, water, and land. They are allowed to set pollution standards nationally and enforce these regulations worldwide.

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The EPA also gives grants to help solve environmental problems, form partnerships with businesses, and educate the public on these very important issues.

They have regulated auto emissions, cleaned up toxic waste, created protection for the ozone layer, increased recycling, and so much more. If we as a species want to survive, these laws need to be taken seriously and upheld with the utmost importance. If you want to learn more about all the EPA does to protect you and the environment, you can go to their website, or follow along with this video for a more in-depth explanation of how the EPA works.


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