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When Drunk Drivers or Construction Incidents Cause Personal Injury

It is a simple fact of life that a person may sometimes suffer from injuries and accidents, and when this happens, a personal injury claim may be filed. This is common at the workplace, for example, if someone slips and falls (this is common) to construction zone mishaps. A person may also make a personal injury claim if they are in a car accident, and car accident attorneys can represent those victims during litigation or court. When a personal injury claim is made, a personal injury law firm in the victim’s area may be visited, and a good lawyer may then be hired. What is there to know about personal injury claims in the United Stats today? How might they be resolved?

Accidents on the Road

A common cause for making a personal injury claim is an auto accident. The United States is a nation of cars, and many millions of cars are on the road at any give moment. Over 200 million Americans have a valid driver’s license, and many drivers, fortunately, are safe and responsible about how they operate a motor vehicle. However, some drivers are very much dangerous, and this is when accidents may occur. A common cause of accidents is when a drunk driver is involved. A drunk driver, as far as the law defines it, is someone with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.08% or higher. In fact, just driving drunk is a serious crime, whether or not that driver causes an accident or injury. Drunk drivers have impaired coordination, judgment, and reflexes, and they often speed and drive erratically. This makes them likely to hit other cars or pedestrians, or pass right by stop signs and red traffic lights. Some six million car crashes take place in the USA every year, and many are due to drunk drivers. Distracted drivers, those preoccupied with a cell phone or the car’s dashboard, are also dangerous since they aren’t looking where they’re going. This makes accidents more likely. Finally, the weather itself may be an issue since heavy rain or snow may impair every driver’s vision and make the roads slick.

After a car crash, a victim may make a personal injury claim and reach out to car crash law firms in their area. This is a common paradigm, so entire law firms are dedicated to car crash injury cases. The victim may get consultations with the lawyers at a firm (this may or may not incur a fee) and hire one whose skills, experience, and personality are to their liking. A lawyer may factor in many details to the personal injury claim, such as the victim’s injuries and medical bills. If the victim’s injuries will prevent them from doing paying work in the future, this may be accounted for, too. A lawyer, unlike their client, will be emotionally cool and have a clear and objective view on the case, allowing them to use the law effectively to pursue that case. Lawyers can also handle complications such as an insurance company that refuses to act in good faith.

Workplace Mishaps

Many American workers have physically demanding jobs that may cause injury, especially at factories, wildlife reserves, and construction zones. Construction workers may slip and fall from a great height and land on a hard surface, or they may inhale motor or paint thinner fumes by accident. Such workers may also be exposed to extremes of heat or cold, or get run over by construction vehicles. Construction and factory workers may get arms or legs trapped under heavy items or in machines, which may break bones. And park rangers may slip and fall down a hill or slope, or may be attacked by wildlife such as bears, cougars, or wolves. Park rangers may also be stung or bitten by insects, spiders, or snakes.

An injured worker may have health insurance through their employer and make use of this at the hospital. In other cases, an injured employee may reach out to personal injury law firms in their area and make a case in their quest for settlement money and other compensation. Construction workers in particular may make use of construction lawyers who work for their company.

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